Sports, not War

About the game

Crucial Throw is a fast paced 2D sports game that tests your reflexes as you fly at high speeds through a variety of environments. Compete to settle galactic conflicts as you stun your enemies, dodge their attacks, and shatter their hopes and dreams. 


Burst Ball


The first sport deemed suitable to settle conflicts by the IGCS. Burst Ball is a fast and unpredictable battle. Destroy all three of the enemies defense posts before they destroy yours to score a point. Additional sports are currently pending approval of the IGCS.



Speed: No Limit


In Crucial Throw, speed is life. If you aren't going fast, you're probably getting stunned. If you get stunned while holding the ball, your enemy steals it from you! Every time a goal is scored or enemies are eliminated, the speed of the game increases. Score high to go fast!



Play as one of seven characters


Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, with unique movement stats, ball grabs and tackles!  Play as the low gravity space commander Prugalon X, or the deadly alien Mantissa! It's up to you to decide which competitor is ideal for different situations.



Original Soundtrack by Flavours


Each map in Crucial Throw features an original track by Flavours. For more goodness from him check out his soundcloud.


Crucial Throw Samples


The Competitors




A space technician from the Ankka civilization. Annika brokered a deal with her homeworld to compete in Crucial Throw in exchange for valuable Skrekulon crystals. These crystals are used to power her suit and other inventions. She's a well rounded competitor who's skilled in all aspects of Crucial Throw, but is most adept at movement in the air. 





A warrior from an unknown planet on the brink of Ankka territory. After acquiring a container full of the banned media 'anime', Weebulu was able to transcend his original form and become something much greater. He excels in ground speed and has perfected his dash ability. 



Prugalon X


A renowned veteran of the Prugolean wars. Prugalon X wasn't able to handle retirement life and signed up for Crucial Throw. His experience more than made up for his old age, and he was selected to be the Prugpetitor. X's combat experience translates to low gravity and the ability to dash more often than his opponents.





Abducted from her peaceful home planet as a child by the human scientist Fankenstork. She was put through brutal training and lost two of her limbs, which were replaced with indestructible alternatives. She now fights on behalf of the Human race. Mantissa is agile with a powerful jump and throw. 





Grungus is the last remaining survivor of the ancient Brungalonian species. His ancestors final will was that war would be abolished, so they left behind the blueprint for what would become Crucial Throw. Grungus took this and traveled around the galaxy negotiating with leaders until all agreed to create a conflict free universe. Grungus moves slowly but has a long range precision dash, and the slowest charging yet most powerful throw in the league. 



Onion Horse


Onion Horse is the result of a grape that entered a tub of radioactive waste. After its evolution, it was accepted and raised by a pack of wild dogs. While out scavenging with its pack, OH noticed an ad for Crucial Throw. OH was instantly obsessed with chasing the ball it saw in the ad, so it offered its services for free in order to chase infinite balls. OH has the ability to jump five times while in the air, and a unique stab dash that no other competitor possesses. 





No information on this competitor exists within the Crucial Throw database.




To get involved with Crucial Throw check out our discord server! This is the best place to chat with us, give feedback, report bugs, and upload any next level plays you make!